Circling the Scan

This intriguing illustration appeared in a booklet put out by Worldstage at Harbourfront Centre. The design reminds me of the organizational development charts that track the factors at play in good institutional interaction. This isn’t that.

It is almost unreadable on paper due to the colour bleed from blue to purple and from the selection of the type. Scanning however proves wonderful.

Here is the whole view.

Worldstage - Harbourfront - graphic

And now the elements orbiting the centre core.

world stage graphic - dimensionality Dimensionality
Refractivity world stage graphic - refractivity
world stage graphic - multiplicity Multiplicity
Translucency world stage graphic - translucency
world stage graphic - spectrality Spectrality
Fragility world stage graphic - fragility

And the core

world stage graphic - centre

Intrapersonal, Ecological, Political, Personal, Cultural

And so for day 1433

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