It’s All About Me or It Was

The subtleties of English usage brought to you by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White.

Do you mind me asking a question?
Do you mind my asking a question?

As explained:

In the first sentence, the queried objection is to me, as opposed to other members of the group, putting one of the questions. In the second example, the issue is whether a question may be asked at all.

The Elements of Style Third Edition has a most salubrious example of colon use that as a bonus reminds the reader of the tenuous nature of ritual.

But even so, there was a directness and dispatch about animal burial: there was no stopover in the undertaker’s foul parlour, no wreath or spray.

Beyond animal burial, options will now include compost burial or a bit more high tech promession.

And so for day 1352

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