Typology of Multimedia Activity

I found this passage from a 1999 posting to a discussion list of a fragment from an email message:
See http://www.digitalhumanities.org/humanist/Archives/Virginia/v13/0246.html

I’m concluding the online learning course for continuing studies.
I’ve got a couple of additional pieces to add to the course
site. Namely a “translation” of the four literacy skills [reading,
writing, speaking,listening] into four multimedia skills (i.e. more than
applicable to verbal arts). I’ve manage to rename them thus:

reading parsing (attentive to breaks & groupings)
writing scripting (writing as a score for performance)
listening observing (careful looking too)
speaking performing (evident bit to storytellers)

After all these years, I am still not satisfied with the “translation” of listening. I am beginning to consider listening not as a doing. That is the type of mindfulness that is characterized by waiting: attending.

And so for day 572

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