As a person deeply interested in narrative sequences and multi-modal sensory translation, I recorded this in a little notebook back on September 8, 1997.

Mihailo Markovic Dialectical Theory of Meaning D. Reidel Publishing 1984. Preface to the English Edition xxviii n. 18

“According to Lotze, a universal concept is a rule that articulates sensory impressions into a series (Rudolf Lotze Logik Leipzig 1880, pp. 14, 29).”

I have never followed up but I have found a slip of paper within the same notebook with the following written around its edge “the ontology of mind –> global village <– plural?" and it strikes me here and now that a series can be read along its two directions, i.e. there is some reversibility built in. This may tie the consideration of logic with those of narratology.

And so for day 565

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