Interlocking Interactivity

Sometimes thought processes are just weird. This bit comes from a long rambling entry in the main about freelancing and various projects

I want to write a quick popular guide to a concept I call “interlocking interactivity” — basically planning for learning. I want it to be something in the vein of Rheingold or Turkle: telling tales to make a big picture emerge.

and then pages and pages later after a longish section about translating an abstract for Liss Jeffrey’s dissertation (on McLuhan), the concept of “interlocking interactivity” comes up again but I am still puzzled by what it might mean

[…] going over the abstract for Liss’s dissertation I found that “literacies” implies levels of skill. I had suggested “savoir-faire médiatiques” but Liss’s revisor suggested “maîtrise des médias” which for me is mastery which would include papermaking i.e. for me mastery implies actual construction of the channel — this comes from an appreciation of telecommunications engineering TCP HTTP etc. and the expertise it takes to run a server or a press even. So I suggested to Liss something which she really liked maîtrise de l’utilisation des médias which nicely expresses know-how at the level of accomplished user. This reminds me of the levels used to assess skill level in a learning organisation
: exposure
: proficiency
: teacher
I want to work more with this in terms of interlocking interactivity. Bks to consult: Breaking Thru the Glass Ceiling, Intelligent Organization. I’ll be taking a peek at the business section again.

catchy phrase but still I believe in search of meaning

And so for day 559

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