Alphabet Sentences

I found tucked into a copy of The Centaur Types by Bruce Rogers (a 1996 Perdue University Press reprint of the Chicago 1949 October House edition) a lovingly scrawled sentence to mark a page in the book devoted to one of those sentences in the genre of “The quick brown fox …” which marked page reads

Far back in my patch zinnias jauntily vie with the glorious phlox in full blossoming.

The botanic theme no doubt suggested the topos of cultivating one’s own garden no doubt inspired the scrawl that marks the spot:

Let all your work and play mix a bold and generous love of humanity with a just and equanimous zeal for country.

Yes, for some, “equanimous” may be an invented word and some may object but their objections can be met with equanimity.

And so for day 505

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