Cross-Referencing the Competition

David Trinidad has a section near the end of “Essay with Moveable Parts” (collected in Plasticville) which converts the author into a doll which in a piece devoted to commenting on collections of Barbies and Troll Dolls is not surprising but the allusion to this particular author brings obsession of collecting close to pill (doll) popping addiction …

This is the doll,
who wrote


which has been Number One on The New York Times
bestseller list for 28 consecutive
weeks — 8 weeks longer than The Group or
Exodus — 10 weeks more than Peyton Place or
Hawaii — 15 weeks longer than Marjorie Moringstar!
Everything you’ve heard about it is true!

The Group is by Mary McCarthy
Exodus is by Leon Uris
Peyton Place is by Grace Metalious.
Hawaii is by James A. Michener
Marjorie Moringstar is by by Herman Wouk

I make no claims as to what may happen once ingested.

And so for day 368

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