Almost Alpha

An encyclopedia wolf entry pacified with passives:

  • In spring and summer wolves are solitary or in pairs, in the autumn in families, and in the winter in packs
  • When it sees itself captured its courage and ferocity are forsaken
  • A door will not be passed through if a wall can be lept
  • Carrion will be devoured with avidity
  • Weaker or injured members of the species will be devoured
  • Unfamiliar objects are regarded with suspicion
  • Upon capture or perception thereof, courage and ferocity are at once forsaken
  • In a single night 25 to 40 miles will be covered
  • Packs in winter, families in autumn, solitary or paired for spring and summer

And the motto of Wolf Cubs in Canada is “Do Your Best”, a prelude to the “Be Prepared” of Boy Scouts.

And so for day 86

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