3N Plus

Brenda Laurel
Computers as Theatre – Second Edition

Side Bar page 83

At first, we thought simply to build a game […] But as we began conceptualizing the game, we realized that we were actually building a world; material in that particular game arose from construction about the environment and characters that was larger than the content of the game itself.

Laurel’s report suggests to me that world and narratives and games arise from acts of narration which are ways of constructing.

Narrativity -- Narration -- World, Game or Narrative
Narrativity = Potential
Narration = Production
World, Game, Narrative = Product

Decoupling narration from narrative (discourse still gives rise to story but it also can result in world or game) … narrativity is the potential for formulating sequences from semiotic material (it need not be verbal); narration is the production of sequences and their recombination; narrative, world and game are products of acts of narration (thought through an expansive notion of manipulating sequences). This conceptualizing of the relations build upon earlier efforts.

And so for day 2835

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Divining the Dynamics

Italo Calvino
“Cybernetics and Ghosts” [1967 lecture]
The Uses of Literature
trans. Patrick Creagh

And so the author vanishes – that spoiled child of ignorance – to give place to a more thoughtful person, a person who will know that the author is a machine, and will know how this machine works.

That thoughtful person has a lot to know about author functions and machine workings.

And so for day 3153

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By Night or By Day

Edgar Allan Poe

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

Found on a Baci wrapper with versions in Italian, English, German and French.

From a Baci wrapper -- Italian, English, German, French versions of quotation from Edgar Allan Poe's "Eleonora" Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

And so for day 3152

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Looking by Listening to Names

Robin Wall Kimmerer
Gathering Moss

Attentiveness alone can rival the most powerful magnifying lens.

The essay goes on to consider the intimacy that informs attentiveness, an intimacy mediated by nomenclature.

And so for day 3151

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Writing the Not Writing

Anne Boyer
What is ‘not writing’?
Garments Against Women

There are years, days, hours, minutes, weeks, moments, and other measures of time spent in the production of “not writing.” Not writing is working […]

And so it begins and so it proceeds this bit of apophatic virtuosity.

And so for day 3150

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Ayonhwentsa’yawenda’ yaatsih

In Quebec City one can spot on the facade of City Hall an Indigenous installation which lights up at night. It’s composed in words from the Huron-Wendat: Ayonhwentsa’yawenda’ yaatsih which translates into English (from the French) as “my territory, my voice, my word” and was conceived by the artist, poet and vocalist Andrée Lévesque-Sioui.


And so for day 3149

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Interpretation & Rhetoric

Reading approaches composition…

An Aristotelian rhetoric is a rhetoric of interpretation. Such a rhetoric brings composing close to the activity of reading.

Ellen Quandahl
Aristotle’s Rhetoric: Reinterpreting Invention
Rhetorical Review Vol. 4 No. 2 (Jan 1986)

And so for day 3148

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Calling & Codifying

The will, the injunction, the aspiration.

I will call language the forbidden attempt to codify ecstasy

Starlings – Lisa Robertson

And so for day 3147

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A Set of Kennings

A kenning for structure … repetition.

Whale-road is a kenning for sea. Time-machine
is a kenning for the mind. Alive is a kenning
for the electrified.

Terrance Hayes
American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin

And so for day 3146

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Une Formation

Joseph Wechsberg
“La Tour d’Argent”
Remembrance of Things Paris: Sixty Years of Writing from Gourmet

Tall, elegant, and dynamic, Claude studied to be an actor, a diplomat, and a lawyer, and now he is a combination of all three as a restauranteur.

I like how the tricolons pile on and resolve themselves in the single appellation.

And so for day 3145

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Long Distance Longing

Saeed Tavanaee Mervi
“Me, Her, Telephone”
The Oceandweller
trans. Khashayar Mohammadi

in many ways phones resemble planets
that’s why the phone receiver smells of violets

And so for day 3144

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